Negative Ion Clothing

Testing On Negative Ion Clothing

Instruction Manual

Step 1 – Turn on the power of the mini air ion tester.

Mini Air Ion TesterStep 2 – Hold the ion tester with the rear metal piece facing the ground for about 10 seconds to stabilize the ion tester prior to testing.


Testing On Negative Ion ClothingStep 3 – There are 2 ways to test the presence of negative ions on clothing.

a) Place the ion tester on the clothing. You can now begin your test by moving the ion tester from left to right (or right to left) to read the range of ions produced by the fabric.

b) The second method is to rub your finger gently on the tested area of the clothing several times and then immediately place the ion tester on the rubbed area to read the range of ions produced by the fabric.

If you need to do another measurement, repeat step 2 to stabilize the ion tester before doing the next reading.

Testing The Ion Concentration From Negative Ion ClothingThe ion tester can test both negative and positive ions. When negative ion is being tested, it display a “ – ” sign in front of the reading. For example, if the reading display -736, it shows that negative ions of -736 X 104 (ion/cc) is measured.


Air Ion TesterThe tester can read up to 1999. Any readings higher than this, the tester reflect just the digit 1 or -1 (for negative ion readings).

Test Range: Ion test range between 1 × 104 to 1999 × 104 ions/cc


Note: The ion tester is not meant for very precise readings. The reading does not stop at an exact value. Rather, it indicates the range of negative ions present at the point of measurement.