The mini air ion tester is the most affordable ion counter available to test and gauge the presence of negative ions and positive ions in your home and office. With this compact air ion tester you can now test all your negative ion generators for the amount of the negative ions generated.

Mini Air Ion Tester

Mini Air Ion Tester Product Specification

  • Ion test range between 1 × 104 to 1999 ×104 ions/cc
  • Resolution: 1 × 104 ions/cc
  • LCD Display:  Max reading of 1999
  • Display concentration of positive and negative air ion
  • Check air ion generator
  • Run quick tests on cloth and textile for their ion’s polarity and concentration
  • Easy operation
  • LR44 button battery included
  • Lightweight and compact design, easy to carry around
  • Dimensions:78mm(L) x 27mm(W) x 9mm(H)

Price: $67 Per Unit

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The mini air ion tester is an essential ion meter for those who are in the business of selling or demonstrating products that produce negative ions.

Negative Ion Counter

Seller of negative ion related products can use this handy ion meter for their product demonstration. It helps to promote your negative ion products visually to your clients, installing confident in your product. The meter display is in unit of ion/cc which is a very easy to understand measurement term. Besides testing the air concentration of positive and negative ions, the mini ion counter can also measure the ions on fabric materials and clothing. When you are wearing negative ions clothing for health reason, it is always good to check if the clothing generate negative ions as they should be and also whether is it time to wash the clothing. It is necessary to note that the mini air ion counter is not meant for very precise readings. However, it does provide adequate measurement on the presence and range of negative ions on tested materials.

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